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Over 30 Years in Real Estate, Sales, and Marketing!

Thank you for visiting my real estate website! I love real estate, marketing, and people and am overjoyed that my career allows me to enjoy them all! I strive to provide the highest quality service to all of my clients and to utilize my years of experience, my vast resources, and the latest research and technology to make each real estate transaction easy, enjoyable, and geared to meet your needs. I have an extensive amount of experience, professional referral sources and resources to share with you that will ensure that your real estate transaction is pleasing and profitable. I live by the philosophy of serving others, embracing life and learning, and expressing gratitude. I am honored to work with my customers in helping them meet their real estate needs and enjoy getting to know them and building life-long friendships in the process.


My name is Cathy Smith with Key Realty and I have been Licensed as a Realtor® since 2000 in NW Ohio, Toledo, and surrounding areas. I was trained and licensed as a Financial Loan Officer and Credit Consultant in my first 6 years of my real estate business which has given me insights into understanding loan approval, loan processing, title, appraisals, and other services that will help me serve my buyers and in pricing, negotiations and the sales process for my sellers. I spent over a decade working in the building industry doing marketing for Contractors, Builders, and Developers and managing the creative teams, photographers, graphic designers . . . and writers in designing multi-media marketing campaigns. I’ve provided services to firms and individuals in our community for over two dozen years and have learned quite a few tricks through extensive education and trial and error from which you will reap the benefits. I keep up to date on current market conditions, issues that may affect your real estate needs, and new technology that will aid my service to my home buyers and sellers.



Real Estate and Home Building has been ingrained in me from my youth, my Father was a Builder and Developer, and I have bought, sold, renovated, rented, managed and marketed several investment properties for over thirty years as well as my client and investor listings. I managed a Building Industry News Paper and have provided Organizations, Builders and Developers with Multi-Media Marketing Campaigns, doing promotions for the Home Builders Association of Greater Toledo and for PRO, Professional Remodelers Association, Toledo Home Remodelers Association, and for their members. I have tailored my skills, services, and resources so that I may best meet your every need and any challenge that may arise. I look forward to helping you with your real estate transaction and I pledge to go above and beyond in order to exceed your needs and your expectations!




I like to consider myself a lifelong learner. I seek out new learning experiences and enjoy the classes, networking, and brainstorming sessions that are offered by the real estate company that I work for, Key Realty, and in the real estate, marketing, and business industries. Key Realty makes your business and my business, their business and offers new training, tools, and techniques quite regularly. Our owner and president trained me in real estate almost 20 years ago when I first started in the business with Cavalier Real Estate Company and still works hard to offer us the best training and technology. It is important to me that I not just stay abreast of new ways to run my business better for both my buyers and sellers but I try to learn the ins and the outs of it so that I am able to employ every aspect of the systems, tools, software, and strategies in order to serve you better.




I create websites for my buyers to manage their searches which sends them alerts when a property meets their criteria and utilize a prospecting marketing tool for sellers and my listings that reaches home buyers’ email personal emails. Please feel free to contact me to get a customized real estate search website for you to find homes for sale and manage the listings or to get a home value, Comparable Analysis, CMA of your home, or a home for sale that you are interested in. We offer auto-emails to our home buyers as well as to buyers with searches on the Internet that will get your home for sale listing to them, sometimes before others can view it.

The marketing skills, services and strategies that I put into place for my home seller’s real estate listings get them maximum exposure and appeal and utilize buyer prospecting software for my sellers and my listings that ensures that your potential buyer will receive your listing information. I have 2 personal websites where I can feature your listing with details, keywords, photos, videos, and links, it gets placed in the Multiple Listing Service, the MLS reaching over 1,500 agents and their buyers, and gets fed to hundreds of other websites, real estate portals and is designed with search engine optimization so that any person in the market to buy a property is able to find it.


Having knowledge about real estate, finance, construction, building, home staging, home appraisals, the internet, and marketing allows me to give you valuable insights, and services. This training and these tools help to get the job done right for you along with having numerous other creative marketing strategies that can be put into place to stir up excitement about your property.



Finance and Loan Details

When selling a home your home should be listed with the amount that a lender will loan a buyer to purchase it in mind. When buying a home for sale your first step is to find a reputable lender or credit union to learn what you can afford and if they have the products and programs that will meet your home buying needs. A good rule of thumb is for the monthly loan payment for principle and interest, taxes, home and mortgage insurance to be at less than 28% of your gross income. This site offers quick tools to calculate your mortgage payment and to see the Value of the Home for sale.

Selling Your Home – Home for Sale

My Fiduciary Duty and Binding Pledge is to Serve You, To Meet Your Needs, and Your Expectations, To Offer Prompt, Accurate and Detailed Communications and Services and Do Everything in a Strategic and Timely Manner to Get Your Home Sold for a High Dollar Amount! I will work as your personal assistant in preparing your home for sale, providing research to help you to list and sell it, create multimedia marketing and a custom website for it directed towards buyers who are seeking a home like yours, and aid you in the negotiations, to the closing and beyond. We use systems and strategies to keep us on track. 

Marketing Home for Sale

We place your home listing in the MLS, on our site and set up a feed getting this information to hundreds of key real estate web sites and portals. Your custom listing web page is designed to appeal to your home’s target market and to come up in the top organic searches on Internet search engines. We utilize prospecting software that blasts emails to the inboxes of buyers with searches for a home like yours. Most buyers are searching for homes for sale on the internet or working with agents who do. Let us reach your buyer for you with our tried and true systems, software and strategic marketing.

Tools and Technology

We make it our business to stay abreast of cutting-edge tools, technology, market conditions and issues that can aid you in selling or buying a home for sale. We set up a customized real estate web site for buyers to find homes for sale and manage their listings and for our home listings. We offer auto-emails to our home buyers as well as to buyers with searches on the Internet that will get your home for sale listing to them, sometimes before others can view it. We have an encrypted site that allows us to digitally create, view, sign and share every document needed throughout the home buying or home selling transaction. We have a showing system and lock boxes that log all of the details on a secure website for your protection.

Custom Website & Video

Your custom listing web page is designed to appeal to your home’s target audience, buyers who are looking for a home like yours. We design it with search engine optimization, SEO, so that it will come up in the top organic search results on Internet search engines for buyers who are looking anywhere on the world wide web to buy a home like yours. My Home Listings are featured on their own Web Page with Links to Photos, to a Video of the Home, Property Details, Area and School Info, Maps and more. Ads, Blogs and Videos for my site and my Home Listings may be found in Search Engines, Directories and many other Real Estate Search Sites, Real Estate Web Sites and Real Estate Portals and numerous sites that these sites feed this information to. 

Help, Services & Support

We are here to serve you! We have a vast amount of experience and have services and service providers that we would love to share with you. Let us know if you want to set up a tour of a home for sale, get a comparable market analysis, CMA, report, or other information and research on your home for sale or a home you are looking to buy. We can help to connect you with real estate professionals who can help you in any stage of the home buying or home selling process, lenders, title companies, appraisers, home inspectors, lawyers and others. Are you seeking new construction for your next home? Are you looking to build your own home or fix up your home for sale? We can recommend builders, contractors, staging and cleaning services. 

Why choose us at

We offer you the latest technology, tools and services that ensures your real estate transaction goes smoothly and achieves great success. Our websites offer numerous buyer tools to attract home buyers to your listing, to our websites and to working directly with us.

I have been involved in the Real Estate and Building Industry, finance, construction, building, remodeling, home staging, home appraisals, the internet, web design and marketing for over 2 decades that allows me to give you valuable insights and service and referrals to top notch experts to aid you in your real estate process.

Our team stays abreast of the current search engine criterion for web site design and in including the need for regular updates to each web page’s Search Engine Optimization, SEO, to help it to receive high rankings in the organic search results in the Internet Search Engines.

Getting your property marketed properly requires a knowledgeable and experienced Realtor® who offers property listings on the Multiple Listing Service, MLS, that reaches hundreds of local agents and their buyers as well as Social Media Promotions, Analytics and Techniques. Social Media allows your property listing details to get in front of your listing’s target audience as well as the masses which can entice them to follow links back to each property’s web page and links within that will get you more leads, more prospective clients and more sales.

BUYING A HOME? Check Out Home Buyer Tips and Tools! is set up as a free site for buyers to view listings, run searches, get instant home values, maps, area and school information, and numerous other tools, tips and services that will aid a Buyer in making a purchase decision. Buyers can set up their own personal automated search, find foreclosure homes and information, find For Sale By Owner Listings, Corporate housing, Vacation Properties, Bank and Government Listings, review Market Conditions, Area Demographics, Recent Sales as well as having detailed reports and links to information that will help in the purchase process. 

Home Buyer Tips and Tools

Thank you for visiting! I strive to provide the highest quality of service to all of my clients while I put our expertise to work to make each transaction profitable. Call or e-mail me today for information on your next real estate transaction!

Home Buyer and Seller Tools

As you are looking for a home to buy or are getting ready to sell your home you can use these tools to help you to get an idea of the value of the home, of the real estate market in specific areas, set up a search that will email you home listings of homes in the areas you choose, and use calculators to consider what home will fit best in your price range, that meets your home buying criteria, and your lifestyle as well as the setting and location that suits you best. Keep in mind that these services are available to you from your personal buyer or seller real estate agent who likely has even more sophisticated tools and software to use as I do. However, these are here for you to use at your own leisure.

Mortgage Calculator – Monthly Payment

mortgage payment
Principle Total = Monthly Payment Principle (mo/pmnt) + Interest + Taxes + Insurance = (PITI) Monthly Housing Expense

Please contact me for your personalized real estate web site!

Sellers get a customized web site for their property listing that has numerous photos, a video embedded in it, and details about the property, links to further information and is fed to dozens of other web sites and emailed directly to home buyer prospects. Buyers can manage their search for properties, homes for sale and indicate which properties to tour and to dig up research and details on in order to make a purchase decision.

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